No. 474
Crime, Eccentricity, and the Sporting Life in 19th Century America.
June 04, 2020

Mother Mandelbaum's Secrets.

April 23, 2013

Chapter 2
"The soap fakir" Saint Paul Daily Globe June 3, 1892 (Click image to enlarge) oapy" Smith, the soap fakir, is in the city" Just short of two months after leaving Creede, Colorado, Soapy Smith ended up in Saint Paul Minnesota. The Saint Paul Daily Globe of Saint Paul, Minnesota announces that bunco artist Soapy Smith is in the city. "Soapy" Smith, the soap fakir, is in the city,
Soapy Smith's Soap Box - 6/4/2020

The most interesting manhole covers are the ones that tell us who made it and when it was put in place: the name of an ironworks company, the initials of a city department, a date. This cover, on Central Park West south of 86th Street, doesn’t offer much in the way of clues. The two […]
Ephemeral New York - 5/31/2020
“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this collie dog from the swift completion of…” No, no, don’t interrupt me. I’m reciting that motto correctly. The following item from the “Morning Astorian” for November 19, 1885, explains why: Dorsey is the suggestive name of a California mail carrier. He is a dog. His official wages are small and through the proper authorities he
Strange Company - 6/3/2020

Beginning on January 1st, W&W will begin featuring fascinating short clippings from the Fall River papers and other newspapers from …

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Lizzie Borden : Warps & Wefts - 12/29/2019
In 1893, Miss Elizabeth Petty lived alone in a three-story frame house in Newark, New Jersey. She was a reclusive sixty-five year old spinster, known for her eccentricities and believed to be worth a considerable fortune. Her father had been a prosperous sea captain who died when she was a young child. When her mother died in 1878, Miss Petty inherited the house along with railroad and bank
Murder by Gaslight - 5/30/2020
Welsh lord Rhys ap Maredudd was executed as a traitor at York on this date in 1292, for leading a failed rebellion in his homeland. Rhys ruled the Cantref Mawr, a fragment of the larger region of Deheubarth his house had once ruled as a united principality. Our guy was working a project to augment […]
More... - 6/2/2020
[Editor’s note: Guest writer, Peter Dickson, lives in West Sussex, England and has been working with microfilm copies of The Duncan Campbell Papers from the State Library of NSW, Sydney, Australia. The following are some of his analyses of what he has discovered from reading these papers. Dickson has contributed many transcriptions to the Jamaica Family […]
Early American Crime - 2/7/2019
Philanthropist or “Moral Leper?” | Blood on the Moon.

Mother Mandelbaum's Secrets.

Mother Mandelbaum Secretes

Mrs. Mandelbaum's Special Devices for Dealing with Thieves, and the secret Trap-Door Escape. [more]



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